Reduce the Hidden Costs of Credit Card Payments for your convenience stores

We know convenience stores, like any other retail business, want a reliable and secure card payment processing system that allows them to accept payments from customers quickly and easily. This includes the ability to process both credit and debit card transactions and take other forms of payment, such as mobile payments.

Some stores may need a system that can handle high volumes of transactions during peak hours or integrate with their existing inventory and point-of-sale systems. Transaction charges, fraud prevention and protection against chargebacks are also important concerns.

Overall, convenience stores want a card payment processing solution that is easy to use, reliable, secure, and cost-effective, with features that meet their specific business needs. But, most importantly, it is a cost-effective card processing solution. Well, we are pretty sure we can help.

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Payment processing made easier

We publish all our prices upfront, transparent rates, easy payment solutions, no hidden fees and complicated bills.
We may even be able to help you get out of your current contract.

Portable WiFi Card Machine

GPRS Option Available 
PAX A920 – Android SmartPOS

PAX A920 3001

Zero Authorisation Fee

Limited Time Offer: 31/05/2023
£ 20
monthly terminal fee
  • 0.45% Debit Cards
  • 0.8% Credit Cards
  • Zero Authorisation Fee
  • Zero Minimum Service Charge
  • £5.00pm PCI Compliance​
  • 18 Month Agreement
  • UK Based Support

Mobile Card Machines

WiFi and GPRS Machine
Ingenico AXIUM DX8000 series

AXIUM DX8000 300

Early Bird Offer

Limited Time Offer: 31/05/2023
£ 14
monthly terminal fee
  • 0.49% Debit Cards
  • 0.89% Credit Cards
  • 2p Authorisation Fee
  • £5.00pm PCI Compliance​
  • 18 Month Agreement
  • Next Day Funding Available​
  • UK Based Support

Portable Card Machine

WiFi or GPRS Machine
Clover Flex POS system

Clover flex

FREE for 3 months

Limited Time Offer: 31/05/2023
£ 20
monthly terminal fee
  • 0.40% Debit Cards
  • 0.65% Credit Cards
  • 2p Authorisation Fee
  • £5.00pm PCI Compliance
  • 36 Month Agreement
  • UK Based Support
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See these on your bill?

A minefield of hidden charges can cost businesses money. We help you find the best card payment provider for you and your business.

Many customers ask how we can explain fees in more detail, reduce charges or remove unnecessary fees.

Some of the following fees/charges have been highlighted:

We may even be able to help you get out of your current contract. We’ll also negotiate with the card payment company on your behalf, so that you can get the best possible deal.

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There are a few things that set us apart from our competition besides honesty and transparency.

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