Transform Your Restaurant with our EPOS System - UK Only

EPOS systems help you manage your business day to day and increase sales opportunities. They allow you to take payments, manage stock and accounting with ease, all from one centralised location.

Best in class: EPOS systems UK

EPOS (electronic point of sale) systems are a popular choice for retailers because they offer a number of benefits over traditional cash registers.

Some of these benefits include:

Increased Efficiency: Process sales transactions more quickly than manual cash registers, which help to reduce lines and increase customer satisfaction.

Improved Inventory Management: Keep track of inventory levels in real-time, making it easy for retailers to reorder products and track sales trends.

Enhanced Customer Service: Track vital sales information, such as purchase history and contact details, which can be used to personalize the shopping experience and provide targeted marketing.

Increased Sales: Track sales data, allowing retailers to analyze and optimize their sales strategies.

Better Security: Detailed transaction logs that can be used to prevent and detect fraud, and can also be integrated with security cameras.

Integrate with other systems: Integrate with other systems like accounting, CRM, e-commerce, and more. Giving access to a centralized data and better insights to run the business.

Data Reports: Generate meaningful and actionable data from sales, inventory, employees, and other system integrated data.

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Clover Station Pro

Clover Station Pro, the comprehensive point of sale system.

Running your own business is tough, so smart, reliable support is a must. Clover Station Pro is a comprehensive end-to-end POS solution, helping you to manage and grow your business all in one place. 

Taking local, international and online payments is just the start, through Clover’s customisable Dashboard and App Market you can check and manage inventory, take bookings, manage your staff and more, all packaged up in a cutting-edge terminal. 

EPOS Systems

All in One System
Clover Station Pro.

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CLOVER Station

No Upfront Charges​
£ 77
Monthly Rental
  • 0.4% Debit Cards
  • 0.65% Credit Cards
  • 2p Authorisation Fee
  • 48 Month Agreement
  • Next Day Funding Available
  • £5.00pm PCI Compliance
  • Includes: Clover Station Duo
  • Includes: Clover Mini
  • Includes: Clover Cash Drawer
  • Includes: Clover Printer
  • Includes: Software
Great Deal

Portable Card Machine​

GPRS Option Available 
PAX A920 – Android SmartPOS

PAX A920 3001

Zero Authorisation Fee

Limited Time Offer: 31/05/2023
£ 18
monthly terminal fee
  • 0.45% Debit Cards
  • 0.80% Credit Cards
  • Zero Authorisation Fee
  • Zero Minimum Service Charge
  • £5.00pm PCI Compliance​
  • 18 Month Agreement
  • Next Day Funding Available​

Overall, an EPOS system UK can help retailers to improve efficiency, increase sales, and provide a better shopping experience for customers.


Because EPOS systems are very flexible, a variety of businesses and industries can benefit from using them, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Pubs
  • Hotels
  • General retail
  • Boutiques
  • Barbers
  • Hairdressers
  • Salons
  • Vape Shops
  • Garden centres
  • Gift shops

The EPOS system can be adapted to suit different business environments, ensuring the system is suited to your individual needs. The software can be used across multiple locations and allows you to manage reporting for multiple locations all from one place.